About the artist



Lauri Daughtry was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and obtained a BFA in Drawing + Interior Design from East Carolina University in 1984. Daughtry has also earned Certified Interior Design Qualification and National Board Certified Teacher status during her career.

An accomplished artist and entrepreneur, Lauri teaches Advanced Art at Eastern Alamance High School in Mebane NC and founded Bottles & Brushes in 2010, a local painting studio providing parties, team building sessions, and private lessons by appointment.

Specializing in collage and batik, Daughtry regularly exhibits work, organizes shows, and executes commissions throughout the Southeast. When she’s not teaching classes or instructing painting groups, Daughtry can often be found engrossed in her sketchbook at local eateries, cafes… and wherever in the world she may be.

Artist Statement

'No matter what medium I explore, I always gravitate back to the active process of mixed-media collage. It’s fresh, playful, loose, and supremely satisfying to use so many mediums at once and it fits my personality. My mixed- media collage work explores themes of history, life, and nature using juxtaposition and surprising combinations to create a story.

My work sometimes nods to historical and whimsical themes, taking on a life of its own, as I assemble it. The surfaces are composed of countless layers of transparent acrylic, ink, pastels, watercolor, torn papers, found and vintage objects, and meaningful bits. I enjoy experimenting with the dichotomy of color, gravitating between translucent and opaque, and the transient to the here and now. In my work, I search for contribution, significance, and meaning in this life, by intertwining them to create a new and living cohesive tapestry. My collages playfully exude their own unique visual narrative that the viewer can interpret as his or her very own, resonating with the work on many levels.

In this transient society where we “copy, cut and paste,” immersing in the creative act of assembling fragments into a new and cohesive work allows me, as a contemporary artist, to experiment with tactile surfaces and a plethora of mediums in a fresh and evolved approach that resonates with many viewers. Using an unlimited range of textures, mediums, fragments, and bits where there are no “rules” or the limited expression of just one medium, I am able to abandon technique and just create for the sake of creating, which is the heart of every artist.’

-Lauri Daughtry, 2019



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